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Thursday, 26 January 2012

How to change the font type of Samsung Galaxy S II

How to change the font type of Samsung Galaxy S II
How to change the font size of Samsung Galaxy S II

Please follow the following steps if you want to change the font type of SGS2. This will affect globally to the phone.
1)      Tap settings
2)      Tap Display
3)      Click on Screen Display
4)      Click on Font Style
5)      Then select the font type you want.

As default, SGS2 will have three type of fonts; Default font, Choco cooky and Helvetica S.
If you click on Get fonts online, you will be taken to the market and you can download apps to change the fonts.
I have downloaded Fontomizer SP which is really a good app. You can download some font types which give small font sizes. As SGS2 does not have the option to change the font size globally, this is one of the ways you can reduce your font size in Galaxy S2. 

At least, I wish I could reduce the font size of contract in Samsung Galaxy S2. I don’t see any app in the market to do this. The default contact font size is too big and because of this only 6 contact can be seen on the screen. I think 4.3” will easily show 10-12 contacts if the font size can be redueced. 


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